My presentation

What I did as a presentation is that I tried to teach the class how to play the guitar. To be really honest, I think that the whole presentation is a failure and I shouldn’t of taught the class how to play the guitar. Playing the guitar cannot be learned in 5 minutes and I don’t think that no one understood and also the atmosphere felt really bad. It felt like everyone was bored.

What I should of done is showed everyone how to cook something. Even if many of the people in this class did that, I think I could of done something that would of been on par or better. Maybe taught the class how to cook a steak, or make salsa, or something that isn’t teaching the guitar. It is nice that I know about this now so I won’t make that mistake again. 10624092

I like cats.

The Rawness of cooking food

So, lately I haven’t been cooking. The reasons is the usual school and life troubles that I am encountering. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t stopped thinking about food. When I was at a friends house, I was sitting there and doing nothing,cause I’m a loner like that, and if you personally know me, I daydream. I am a heavy daydreamer and I try to stop myself from doing it a lot of the times, but this time I couldn’t. And because I have a blog like this, of course I would be thinking about food (sarcasm 🙂 ). I was thinking about Continue reading The Rawness of cooking food


I was reading about a slavery in an article and a book a few days ago and was wondering on why is slavvery even accepted in this world. I mean it harms humans and it also harms the public face of the human race, but when I thought about it real carefully, it was so simple. Money.

When I was reading this article, it was talking about how a lot of childred/people were put into slavery and used to make food or products that we eat today. Having that in mind when I eat my food isn’t pleasant, so I did some research. According to the article, Costco has a part in all of this by buying the shrimp from the people. Also, still according to this article, a lot of the food comes from either Africa,Taiwan, or the Phillippens.

I told you guys that i read a book too and that is true. The book is about the guy himself. It talks about how he escapes from slavery. It is interesting on how all the people in this book acted because of the face that not a single one of them acted like what the people in our current generation would of acted. Also in this book, fredrick douglas talked about how it was better to be a slave without knowledge than with knowledge and I think that goes for other situations too. If you know something that other people don’t and you want to tell them but the circumstance tells you can’t, then it is sort of like the sme feeling but in Fredrick Douglas’s case, it is many times worse. Also, In the book, he talked about how how he tricked people into teaching him how to read and write. I thought this was genious. I wish I can get information or knowledge like that in society nowadays but the way he did it was so clever and also very delicately handled that I don’t think that I can pull off something like that. Also, above everything else what is the most interesting in both books is the actions on the outsiders.

So when I was reading both the article and the book, I was wondering on why is the world letting people do slavery. It’s obvious that it is wrong to do this and no one is stopping it. I was looking at both in the articles and the book to find my answer and I found it. As i said earlier, Money. As long as people get the easier way out and also get money to do this, society accepts it without knowing the true dark sides of slavery. I’m not the one to talk because I never seen slavery in action before, but by what I read, I can guess this is going to get much worse and I don’t know how badly its going to get.

The Thing about Panko….

Bread can be used in many ways. For example, bread can be used to make sandwiches, could be use to be a membrane of something, use to be a base of a food, ect. Bread can also come in different forms. More examples are toast, loaf, rolls, ect. What Panko bread that is dried and then broken into super small particles and put on anything. I can give examples like putting panko on top of chicken alfredo or sometimes lasagna. Also, panko can be use to coat things. The most common one is when Panko is Continue reading The Thing about Panko….

1/2 a step closer to food

I have looked into the culture of food recently and I have noticed that religion is a big part of food. When people have parties or events for any culture, there is always food involved in some part of it. The current culture that I was looking at was Indian culture and I looked into the teaching of Gandhi and I found something interesting… Continue reading 1/2 a step closer to food

5 senses

In a human body, there are 5 senses. Sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.  If you were able to master all of these senses and bring it to life, what would happen? There is one thing in this world that is close to having all 5 senses, and that is food. Food is one of the biggest industries in the world. People have to eat food, and to eat good food, it costs a lot of money. The only reason why food is one of the most industrial focused is that it is the mastering of the taste. Taste can come from anything, but it is most used for eating. The chewiness of some african dish to the saltiness of a dish in south america. But after you master taste, what else will you master in? that is when the other 3 senses comes in. Food is not only just tasting, but it is also sight, feel, and smell.\

Sight is the presentation of the food. When you cook food, you have to know that it has to be easy to see, and also it has to be creative at the same time. When you also put a dish together, try to include red, orange, or yellow. Those are the colors that make people hungry the most.

With most food, you will usually smell the food. It doesn’t usually work with raw meat or raw food in general. But if you do have a dish that can create some kind of smell, you want that smell to be good. You want that smell to actually satisfy someone. A dish cannot have a smell that goes around the room though. To explain why, I will do it like a math problem. If you have 1 apple and there are 2 people. You have to half the apple. It goes same with the dishes. When you get the smell out of the dish, you are taking the flavor out of the dish, exchanging it for the smell of the food.  If you can make dishes that include those 4 aspects, I wonder how beautiful of a dish will come out.

Food will always come in contact with your body, in your mouth. When food goes into your mouth, it is important to have the right texture and the right temperature when the food goes into your mouth. Food in general have a tendancy of being too hard or too soft a lot of the time because the cooks only focus on the flavoring on the food. The key in food isn’t always just the taste, but all your senses. When you think about it, you don’t want a soggy french fry in your mouth or a rock hard streak that you can’t pick up with your fork. Food has to have the right texture to work with the dishes. I talked about texture this whole time, but the temperature is also important. If you don’t have the right temperature for the right food, then it will feel weird. For example, a cucumber cut salad can be cold, but a hamburger from the habit or from in-and-out cannot be cold. the right temperature matters, no matter what food it is.

Welcome to the world of culinary